Steve Gagne

As real estate investors, Mum City Homes, LLC is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of sellers, buyers, and Realtors alike. With our versatile approach to property acquisition, we offer a range of strategies including cash purchases, seller financing, subject to arrangements, and wrap-around financing. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the details of each strategy and outline the benefits they offer to all parties involved.

1. Cash Purchase:

Description: With a cash purchase, Mum City Homes, LLC acquires properties outright without the need for traditional financing. This approach offers sellers a quick and hassle-free transaction process, while providing buyers with immediate ownership and flexibility.


- Sellers: Immediate liquidity, expedited sale process, and minimal contingencies.

- Realtors: Streamlined transactions, guaranteed closings, and increased client satisfaction.

- Buyers: Fast acquisition process and potential for negotiation leverage due to cash offer.

Biggest Benefit: Speed and certainty of transaction, providing sellers with peace of mind and Realtors with efficient sales processes.

2. Seller Financing:

Description: In seller financing arrangements, Mum City Homes, LLC offers to purchase properties with financing provided directly by the seller. This option expands the pool of potential buyers by offering flexible terms and alternative financing solutions.


- Sellers: Access to a larger pool of buyers, potential for higher sale price, and steady income stream through interest payments.

- Realtors: Increased marketability of properties, expanded client base, and potential for repeat business through referrals.

- Buyers: Opportunity to purchase properties with flexible financing terms and potentially lower down payments.

Biggest Benefit: Enhanced marketability and sales opportunities for properties, allowing sellers to attract buyers who may not qualify for traditional financing.

3. Subject To:

Description: With a subject to arrangement, Mum City Homes, LLC assumes the existing mortgage on the property while taking ownership. This strategy enables sellers to transfer ownership without paying off the existing mortgage, offering relief from financial burdens while retaining equity.


- Sellers: Relief from mortgage payments, reduced time on market, and preservation of equity.

- Realtors: Increased marketability of properties, enhanced negotiation flexibility, and efficient closing processes.

- Buyers: Opportunity to acquire properties with existing financing in place, potentially avoiding the need for traditional mortgage approval.

Biggest Benefit: Relief from financial obligations for sellers, enabling them to transition smoothly to new properties without the hassle of mortgage payments.

4. Wrap-around (Subject To & Seller Financing):

Description: A wrap-around subject to and seller financing combines elements of subject to and seller financing, allowing Mum City Homes, LLC to assume the existing mortgage while offering additional financing to the seller.


- Sellers: Opportunity to sell properties quickly while maintaining cash flow through wrap-around financing arrangements, potentially earning higher returns.

- Realtors: Differentiated service offerings, increased market competitiveness, and ability to cater to a wider range of client preferences.

- Buyers: Access to properties with flexible financing terms and potential for negotiation leverage.

Biggest Benefit: Enhanced flexibility and financial options for all parties involved, facilitating smoother transactions and higher returns for sellers.

At Mum City Homes, LLC, we believe in empowering sellers, buyers, and Realtors with innovative solutions that maximize real estate opportunities. Whether it's a cash purchase, seller financing, subject to arrangement, or wrap-around financing, our versatile strategies offer distinct benefits tailored to the unique needs of each transaction. By leveraging our expertise and collaborative approach, we aim to create mutually beneficial outcomes and unlock new possibilities in the dynamic real estate market. Let's embark on a journey of success together.