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  • Distressed OFF MARKET (pocket listings) properties/distressed situation
  • Open to ANY location within 1 hour driving distance from Los Angeles. No war zones!
  • $3,000,000 or lower
  • We pay $4,000 to the agent additionally for each off market property we close together on top of you representing Mum City Homes, LLC. 
  • Light cosmetic - full gut rehab
  • 3+ Bed | 1+ Bath | 1,000+ sqft | Built after 1910
  • Single Family Homes ONLY!

Fix & Flip Properties

  • Properties should be valued at 65% - 72% of the ARV (After Repaired Value) for cosmetic to basic rehab for the property.
    • We comp like for like properties that have been completely remodeled, then calculate 65% - 72% of that value to get our offer price.
    • ARV percentage can vary, i.e. $1,000,000+ percentage may start at 75%.
    • If there are no comps within a half mile radius, not a deal for us.
    • MUST have investor presence in the area.
  • We will need the following information about the property:
    • What is the overall condition of the property?
    • Age/Condition of the Roof?
    • Age/Condition of the HVAC
    • Any foundation issues?
    • Any major issues of the property that need to fixed?
    • Photos will need to be taken inside & outside the house.
  • NO deals from wholesalers. We network with hundreds of wholesalers & more than likely we’ve already seen it.
  • We get a lot of deals sent to us, more than we can handle, so we wholesale a lot of the deals brought to us to other investors. Our bonus compensation is the same to agents.

Buy & Hold Properties (Rentals)

We Buy Properties Several Ways


We are experienced real estate investors in United State, and specialize in off-market properties.

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